1% for the Planet’s 10 Tips To Green Up Your Home


As the weather warms up and we take on spring cleaning projects, 1% for the Planet and its members share three ways you can make your home and life better for the environment. All businesses mentioned are 1% for the Planet members, which means they give back the equivalent of 1% of sales annually to environmental nonprofits through a variety of financial, product, service, and promotional support. Take action and learn more about 1% for the Planet here.

Reduce Your Waste

Kick these wasteful daily habits with 1% for the Planet members. 

Kick your daily disposable coffee cup habit with the Kleen Kanteen Coffee Lovers Starter Kit (23 pounds of waste saved per year)

This kit includes everything needed to enjoy coffee at home, on the go and at your favorite coffee shop. The 16oz Insulated Wide will keep coffee hot for 10 hours, comes with a leak-proof Café Cap 2.0 and a Wide Loop Cap to create a full stainless steel interior and make #BringYourOwn easy. The kit includes two of Kleen Kanteen’s most popular Insulated Tumblers, the 8oz and 16oz. Both come with a splash-resistant Tumbler Lid and will keep drinks hot and cold for hours.

Kick the daily plastic wrap habit with Ukonserve’s Waste Free Kitchen Kit:

Ditch the plastic wrap and single-use food containers with Ukonserve’s new Waste-Free Kitchen Bundle that contains six durable stainless steel containers that nest for easy storage, and four reusable food wraps:

2 Square Nesting Trio Sets:  Pack lunches and picnics on the go, while saving trash from our ever-growing landfills. The large container is ideal for takeout and salad bars, the medium container holds large sandwiches and entrees, and the small container is ideal for snacks and small sandwiches, and a perfect reusable solution for school lunches.

Wraps: Ukonserve’s reusable sandwich wrap is similar to a snack bag, but lies flat to double as an on-the-go placemat, making them great for school lunches. Perfect refrigerator storage for snacks and leftovers like cut vegetables and blocks of cheese. They’re also the ideal waste-free alternative for takeout, picnics, and travel. All products are free of BPA, phthalates, and lead.

Cut the Paper Napkin/Towel habit with Sweet Gum, Sustainably Produced, Napkins, Dishcloths and Tea Towels (Eliminate 45 pounds of Paper towel waste per year)

On Average, we throw out over 45 pounds of paper towel per year. Simply replacing that with Dish Towels, Tea Towels, Cloth Napkins can make a big difference. You can make that switch with Sweet Gum Textiles. Thoughtfully designed and ethically produced products that will not just help you live more sustainably but give your kitchen more of a sense of place.

If you still have to use the paper towel now and again, we recommend the Caboo Paper Towels which are made out of the far more sustainable Bamboo, compared to traditional paper towels.

Reuse your waste – Turn your waste into goods and furniture for your home

These 1%  for the Planet member businesses are repurposing our waste and giving them a new life in your home. 

Loll Alfresco Dining Table and Chairs

Loll turns your leftover single-use milk jugs into modern and clean outdoor furniture for your home. To create these vibrant designs, 8 milk jugs are needed for just one pound of material, which means their Adirondack chair design recycles over 400 milk jugs per chair.

Set your table with Newly Valencia Pitcher and Dinner Glasses

Newly lives by two key principles. Make beautiful home goods, and manufacture them from 100% recycled or repurposed materials. They are best represented by their Valencia set, which is made from recycled glass and will look stunning when paired with your Loll table set.


Add a Festive Flair with JeanBag Placemats:

Instead of throwing out old jeans, JeanBag repurposes them into these funky placemats that will add a unique piece to your table setting.

Art of Pottery – Plates that Give Back to the Planet.

While not made from recycled goods, Art of Pottery donates 1% of all its sales directly back to the planet. These stunning handmade and hand-painted plates and bowls from Poland will be an eye-catching piece on your table. You can rest easy knowing that a portion of your purchase is being invested back in the planet.


Sustainable Cleaning

From caustic chemicals to phosphorus that causes algae blooms in our waterways, household cleaning products cause of all kinds of hazardous issues. These 1% members make cleaning products with natural ingredients so you can protect your family and the planet.

Clean your Bathroom Boulder Clean

Put down the ammonia and bleach and breathe easy with this plant-based bathroom cleaner from 1% member Boulder Clean. Its foaming action destroys scum without the toxic chemicals or harsh fumes that accompany conventional cleaners.


Clean your Kitchen with Koala Eco

Koala Eco’s Emon Myrtle with Mandarin multi-purpose cleaner cleans and deodorizes the entire kitchen. It’s safe for refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, benches and all food storage areas. The powerful yet eco-friendly formula cuts through dirt, grime and harmful food-borne bacteria without the need for toxic chemicals.

Do Your Laundry with Meloria Cleaning Products 
Meliora Cleaning Products’ Laundry Powder will become your go-to option to make your laundry better for your family and your home. Meloria uses only what you need to clean your clothes and is free of fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and brighteners.