Julbo Deepens Commitment to Elite Ultra and Trail Running


WILLISTON, VT – Mountain brand, Julbo USA, has long been a supporter of trail and ultra running events and athletes, for 2015, the brand is kicking up its support both through specific product, athlete engagement and a deeper focus on mountain events. The push comes with the release of the Venturi, an active eyewear piece designed by Julbo’s mountain running athletes and bearing the high quality NXT lenses and photochromic technology that’s set it apart.



“Julbo is by far the best eyewear company on the market,” described Julbo athlete turned Julbo Athlete Coordinator, Gina Lucrezi, herself an accomplished ultra runner. “Their innovative designs and photochromic technology has been a huge attraction to the who’s who in running circuit. Our athlete ambassadors are an impressive list and you don’t acquire such an accomplished team by making a poor product. We are psyched to provide premium eyewear to our visionaries and support them through their epic adventures…let alone everyday life.”

Julbo’s running athletes for 2015 include the sport’s very top performers. Canadian born Rob Krar joins the squad from his Phoenix, Arizona base. The three-time Trans Rockies winner lends ski mountaineering insights as well using uphill snow acumen to the Julbo team. “2014 was great and a solid stepping stone for a big year ahead. I’m looking forward to expanding my racing abroad, challenging myself with more technical and difficult courses, and stepping outside my comfort zone with a few ski mountaineering races and a stage mountain bike race later in the year,” Krar said of his upcoming season.

Krar joined recently signed Julbo athletes Sage Canaday and Stephanie Howe, both accomplished road athletes having made a transition to trail. “I’m thrilled for the support,” Canaday explained. “Julbo has a great product line up.” Canaday, a winner at the Sonoma 50, the American record holder at the Mount Washington Hill Climb and a threat in every race he enters will focus on still more Ultra trail events in 2015.

Howe will up her game similarly in the Ultra schedule. A ski mountaineer in the off season, she races the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse as prep to defend her title at the Western States 100, the US’s most prestigious race.

“I’m excited to tackle WS again and see if I can improve some personal goals in the race and UTMB I’m stoked on! I can’t wait to get over the Chamonix and run what I imagine to be the most beautiful, epic, hard course ever. I’m inspired by UTMB for sure.”

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Julbo completes its support of running with a strong event portfolio, a collection of races that is crucial to the culture of running. See Julbo athletes and try Julbo eyewear at the following events.

CEO, Nick Yardley highlights the motivation behind Julbo’s push into running.

“Julbo is all about freedom of expression in the mountains and has been since we first started back in the 1800’s. Running through the world’s mountain ranges on rugged single track trails powered by just ones own legs and lungs is the simplest and purest ways one can enjoy the mountains and is something that can be enjoyed by all of us at what ever level we wish to participate.

We have been involved in events such as the UTMB since the very beginning and have enjoyed feeding off the passion, excitement and comradeship that such events provide. A number of our photochromic lenses have been developed to specifically meet the needs of those who run all day and into the night. Trail running is a a no BS sport, if you start a race or particular route and finish you are a winner, you achieved what you did one step at a time all by yourself – this we respect!”


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Lake Sonoma 50 Miler
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