Karakoram Prime Connect, the Best Turning Snowboard Binding


Karakoram has brought their revolutionary splitboard binding technology to the lift-served world, creating the best turning snowboard binding on the planet.

“It’s a hell of a binding.” said Karakoram Ambassador and professional snowboarder, Alex Yoder. “I feel a different point of leverage when I initiate my turns. It’s a quicker relay of energy from your foot to the board’s edge.”

Best Turning Binding. Period. Karakoram riding performance starts with their Active Joining Technology. AJT spring loads the binding to the snowboard, creating a binding board connection unlike anything else on the market. Additionally, the Quiver-Connector extends the binding attachment points beyond the traditional snowboard hole pattern moving it closer to the edges. The wider connection point increases the riders leverage to the edges of the snowboard, increasing power transfer from less movement, creating an ultra responsive freeriding machine.

“After riding our splitboards and then switching back to our solids, everyone in the shop was talking about how much more responsive our splitboards felt than our solids with traditional bindings. Our bindings didn’t roll and flex off the board like traditional bindings, they felt more integrated with the board,” said Bryce Kloster, Co-founder of Karakoram. “We started developing our Prime System with the idea of being able to bring the instant response and power of our splitboard bindings to a solid snowboard.”

The Prime Connect isn’t just a high-performance snowboard binding. It’s also the only binding you will need for every board in your quiver. It’s one of the few snowboard bindings still manufactured in the United States.

Bindings Should Do More: An added benefit of the Prime system is that you only need one binding for every board you own, including your splitboard. This means less money on buying multiple pairs of bindings, less of a headache when traveling with a quiver of boards, and consistent performance no matter what board you choose to take out. Plus, the Connect bindings significantly lower the cost barrier to entering splitboarding. Before the Connect, snowboarders had to purchase a separate set of splitboard-specific bindings to get performance in the backcountry. With the Connect split kit, snowboarders can confidently and step into the backcountry for just the price of an interface.

Made and Sourced In The U.S.A. Every single Karakoram Binding is hand built to last by fellow riders in Washington, with over 91 percent of parts sourced from Karakoram’s home state. By purchasing Karakoram Bindings, riders are buying local, and inspiring future innovation in the snowboard industry.

The Prime Connect family starts with the Connect-SF at 379.99, progressing up to the higher end model, Prime Connect R, featuring Karakoram’s new, stiff Dupont Zytel Reactive Highback and light and comfortable Airform Straps retailing at 439.99. Each Prime Connect system comes with two pairs of Quiver connectors. Additional quiver connectors can be purchased for $75.00, and the Prime Connect Splitboard Kit retails for $199.99.

About Karakoram
Founded in 2008 by brothers Tyler and Bryce Kloster, with the dream of combining their 30+ years of mechanical engineering experience with their passion for backcountry snowboarding to create a better splitboard binding system from the ground up. Karakoram’s earliest iterations were dreamed up over late night CAD sessions and weekends spent on the skin track, and lead to the 2009 release of the Split 30 system. In 2011, they partnered with world class splitboard mountaineer Jeremy Jones, to provide feedback and insight for the future development of Karakoram Bindings, including the Prime System. Ever since, while staying grounded in their roots and Made in the USA philosophy, Karakoram has grown into the premier innovator of the most technologically advanced snowboard bindings on the planet.