Julbo Boosts Mountain Biking Support for 2018: Expands National Roster


Building on the success of the 2017 off-road and mountain biking program, French eyewear brand, Julbo has signed several new national caliber and enduro athletes for 2018, bolstering the current roster, including 12-time US Mountain Bike and 3-time Cyclocross National Champion Todd Wells, World Cup Downhill racer Max Morgan, and two-time U.S. Cyclocross National Champion, Stephen Hyde, who, fresh off his second national championships, will turn his focus to mountain bike racing in the coming year in his build to the cyclocross season.

“As an athlete, I am always trying to find better ways to have my equipment integrate or be better suited to my environments. As a cyclocross athlete, it’s even more important,” described Hyde “You forget how much of an advantage you have when wearing proper optics until you don’t have them on anymore. My advice to anyone out there putting all of their precious time and effort into training and racing is to get your self all the tools necessary to finish the job. Eyewear is of the most important tools in your belt.”

For the 2018 season, Hyde will be using Julbo’s Aerospeed. Built from Julbo‘s successful Aero and Aerolite DNA, the Aerospeed is lightweight (just 27 grams) with a deeper lens for more visibility in the case of a helmet and sporting full coverage NXT lenses with Julbo‘s photochromic REACTIV technology.

New signings for 2018 include 2017 Eastern States Cup DH and Enduro champion Rachel Pageau, WC XC Mountain bike racer, turned Enduro competitor Antoine Caron, and IMBA National Enduro Series winner, Jimmy Smith.

On partnering with Julbo, Caron explained, “There are a lot of things that I really like about Julbo, but the biggest thing is that this company has good, honest values, which I find extremely refreshing in the corporate world that we live in these days. They are dedicated to making damn good glasses for everyone to go out there and play, period. And I love that. For this year, I’m super excited about the new Aerospeed; this new model sort of takes some of the key features that I love from a few different models and puts them all in one, awesome-looking package.”

Jimmy Smith Photo: Michael Eldridge

Additionally, Julbo will provide support to the Kona Endurance and Adventure Team, a nationally focused collection of talented bicycle athletes aimed at high-quality race events like the Epic Rides Off-Road Series, the BC Bike Race and the Breck Epic, combined with adventure trips such as the Kokopelli Trail adventure and the Colorado Trail bikepacking race.

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