Fischer Launches Easy Skin: The Through-Ski Kicker Skin


New for the 2015 – 2016 season, Fischer introduces Easy Skin, a through-ski kicker skin system designed to maximize climbing ability on Fischer’s collection of light backcountry skis. “It’s like four-wheel low for your cross country skis,” explained, Fischer Western Sales Representative, Brian Schiller. He continued, “It also works as a braking aid in icy conditions. It’s a super convenient set up.” Designed around ease of use and an efficient grip addition for skiing out-of-track, the Easy Skin launched at tradeshows last season to strong reviews.

The system with its integrated kicker skin over metal edged and no-wax patterns adds more steep climbing ability and, when necessary, slower glide for dicey descents for a more complete off track skiing option. The Easy-Skin system from Fischer Sports is available throughout the Fischer S-Bound system in widths: 98mm to 125mm as well as in narrower skis from the Traverse Off-Track Cruising collection at 78mm and the Excursion Collection at 88mm.

The skin is available in two widths a 35mm and 55mm option to better customize grip per skiing style or type of ski. For more information on the Fischer Easy Skin System, visit your local Fischer dealer or log onto

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