Julbo Reissues Iconic “Vermont Classic”


Reviving an iconic symbol of mountaineering culture, Julbo is reissuing the Vermont Classic in three color ways. The Vermont Classic — originally known as the Round Glacier – dates back to the 1950s; in the decades that followed, rockstars and pioneering climbers alike donned the distinctive round glasses.

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The long lasting design, endorsed by guides and alpinists for decades, speaks to Julbo’s deep credibility and longstanding excellence in mountaineering culture. In 1888, founder Jules Baud designed the first protective eyewear for crystal hunters in the French Alps. Over the years the company expanded its offerings to include glasses and goggles for mountaineers and snow sport athletes.


The 2017 Vermont Classic reissue brings back three historic color ways, featuring the glasses in brown, white, and red and blue. The process for making the glasses hasn’t changed much, says Julbo USA’s Dave Crothers. Crafted from metal wire, glass, and leather, the glasses are extremely protective, and feature ultralight polycarbonate with a Spectron 3CF rating.

“The Vermont Classic is a staple in our sunglasses line and it signifies our rooted history in the mountains. Some of our customers have had the frame for over 40 years, and the fact that it’s still in the sunglasses line after all these years just shows that it has withstood the test of time. It’s truly a historic and functional piece that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon,” said Crothers.

The Vermont Classics are available online now for $150.