Julbo Adds Vasu Sojitra to Snow Sports Athlete Roster


WILLISTON, VT- Julbo announced today a partnership between the mountain focused French eyewear brand and Vasu Sojitra, the professional big mountain skier. Vasu will join the collection of mountain athletes with Julbo that give crucial feedback on the technically driven eyewear brand.

“Having worked with visually impaired skiers, I do my best to not take my vision for granted. To do that, I keep my eyes well protected from the environments, whether it’d be in the mountains or in day to day life. That’s where Julbo comes into play. They are the top well-rounded eyewear company to keep my eyes protected and healthy. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing and innovative brand. Julbo is making huge steps forward with eyewear and with an world-renown athlete team,” Vasu explained.

An adaptive skier, Vasu lost his right leg to a blood infection at ten months old. “I taught myself to ski in about fifth grade,” he explained in the T-Bar films production on his backcountry exploits, Out on A Limb. “From there I gathered the confidence to keep going to keep pushing.” Focused on backcountry exploits, Vasu is an ideal Julbo partner. He’ll be among the earliest athletes to use and review the recently released AEROSPACE goggle available next fall. Currently, Vasu is using the Universe Goggle and the Cortina heritage model.

“We’re excited about bringing Vasu into the Julbo USA family because his passion for the outdoors is infectious to all those around him. He simply cannot be stopped. It’s hard not to get psyched on everything when you’re with him. He’s a great addition to the team and we’re glad he’s along for the Julbo ride.”

Sojitra’s upcoming schedule includes touring with the Banff Film Festival, school visits through the non-profit outreach program One Revolution, and a traverse of the Wapta Icefields in Banff National Park.

For more information on Vasu Sojitra see his website at www.vasusojitra.com. For more on Julbo, log onto www.julbousa.com.