Little Bellas Unveils Custom Specialized Mountain Bike


Burlington, VT — Little Bellas, the non-profit focused on empowering girls through bikes, announces collaboration with bicycle brand, Specialized. Together the teams launched a custom Pitch mountain bike for the Little Bellas program.

The Little Bellas Pitch comes in a “gloriously savage” Chambray Blue, inspired by the Little Bella brand, with a specially designed decal pack that includes words of inspiration to the young women who are riding it. Gold lettering of different forms is used to show diversity, character, and spirit that these ladies possess. Here’s the thing about this bike: It is made with the Little Bellas mission in mind, designed to act as a tool to bring folks together on the trail and drive the experience for riding.

“Whether it’s social media or the grocery store checkout line, young girls are constantly surrounded by imagery and words that can undermine their strength as women. With this bike, every time they ride or look down they see words that encourage and remind them how incredibly awesome they are,” said Sabra Davison, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Little Bellas. “The bike will provide them a canvas for their passion and soul. Like the mission of the program, it was designed to always be their encouragement to keep moving forward and bring their unique personal expression to their bike. The truth is, this is a bike that can extend the reach of any rider into confidence.”

“I really wanted the bike to have a piece of ‘I can and I will!’ attitude. I wanted the girls to be able to look at their bike and always feel empowered by their ability to push themselves when they are outside riding,” Said Kayla Clarot, the Specialized Graphic Designer who worked on the project.

This bike isn’t all style and flair with no substance; this is a thoroughly modern entry-level trail bike that will give the young women riding it confidence with every pedal stroke. Modern geometry ensures a forgiving and playful ride, while gender and height specific features ensure this bike is a perfect fit for every aspiring ripper.

“We picked the Pitch as the base model to work with because we wanted a bike that was affordable and inspired confidence from the first time a young woman gets in the saddle. The Pitch’s modern trail geometry allows for a confidence inspiring ride,” said Davison. “Specialized did an excellent job ensuring every touch point on the bike provides a good fit for aspiring young women riders, and the special Extra Small Size allows our younger Bellas to have a grown-up bike that fits.”

This bike includes:

Women’s Specific Sizing with a special Extra Small size for riders smaller than 5’2,” making it perfect for a Little Bella’s first serious mountain bike.

Women’s Specific Touch Points including:

Women’s Body Geometry Myth Saddle with 155mm width
Size Specific Handlebars
Size Specific Crank Arm Lengths

Women’s Specific Suspension Tune: Custom compression and rebound circuit tuning to optimize suspension performance based on women’s stature.

Download images of the bike and Little Bellas here.

About Little Bellas:

Little Bellas is a mountain bike organization whose goal is to help young women realize their potential through cycling. We aim to create a community that will empower girls through the sport, emphasize the importance of goal-setting, promote healthy lifestyles and recognize the positive effects of strong female bonds. While this program is centered around creating camaraderie for girls on bikes, it is most importantly about having fun in a constructive environment.

About Specialized:

Specialized was founded in 1974 by riders for riders. Based in Northern California, we focus on the rider’s need for functional and technically advanced products that provide a performance benefit.

Press Contacts:

Little Bellas: Katie Flagg,, 802-989-3465

Specialized: Katie Sue Gruener,, 408-779-6229 x 4208