Swix Sport Celebrates Strong 2017 U.S. Cross Country Championships


Swix Race Support

Heber City, Utah – With field sizes close to 650 racers combined for men and women, there was plenty of competition for all racers at the 2017 US Cross Country Championship held this past week in Soldier Hollow, UT.

Chris Hall, Swix Racing Service Director was present during the entire schedule of events in what turned out to be a race series crucial for waxing, “The weather and snow conditions were quite variable throughout the week,” Hall explained. “We started with very cold temperatures around 0F for the freestyle race, but saw drastic warming for the classic sprints with falling new snow around 32F and a classic distance race with highs around 38F and rain.”
The varying conditions led to a wide variety of wax used and sold. “Every race series has a pick and this year’s was Swix FC4X Cera F powder over the top of HF4X Green, a super fast combination for many teams.  On the classic side, there was no better choice of glide wax in the changing conditions than FC8X Cera P powder over HF8X Red and the kick wax, KX35 Violet Special Klister worked very well in the morning and as it warmed up, K22 Universal VM Klister was a great pick, especially with a few dots of Red Klister mixed in.

Swix Triac 2.5 is the Championship’s #1 Pole

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Additionally the Swix Triac 2.5 pole was the #1 selected pole of the championship including podium finishes:

Chelsea Holmes-  1st place 20k classic, 2nd place 10k freestyle
Caitlin Patterson- 3rd place 20k classic, 3rd place 10k freestyle
Becca Rorabaugh- 2nd place classic sprint
Kris Freeman- 3rd place 30k classic
Jess Cockney- 3rd place classic sprint
Swix Service returns to national competition at the Boulder Mountain Tour on February 4 near Sun Valley, ID.