Julbo Launches 2018 Eyewear Line-Up


Julbo extends its 2018 line-up with new and versatile sport models, a dip into their historical archives and a no-compromise pair of shields designed for high output sport.
The Cham (above) is a reissue of a pair originally released in 1972. Tuned for modern use with driving-friendly category 3 lenses (a mountaineering focused Category 4 lens is available in the black colorway) but bearing the same shape and designed of the original pair, including real leather side shields and moldable ear pieces, these are statement eyewear for the mountain community. [$170] Catch up on more history of the Cham here.
The Renegade and the Resist are both entirely new models- they both will range in price from $130 to $190 depending on lens options and that latter selection includes some of Julbo‘s most techinical lenses, their photochromic REACTIV options which now come in a high contrast red option as shown below on the Resist. Both have a casual look for that versatile play but sport rubberized temples and nose pieces are there for active use and hold.
Renegade with Spectron lens  [$130.00]

Resist with Zebra Light Red (REACTIV) lens:  [$190.00]

Finally, a new high end sport model for high output activity with features that will be especially good for cycling available. The Aerospeed is built from Julbo‘s successful Aero and Aerolite DNA but with a deeper lens, especially above the nose bridge for more visibility in the case of a helmet. Super light (under 30 grams) and sporting full coverage NXT lenses with Julbo‘s photochromic REACTIV technology, these are the most technically advanced active model available today. Rubberized ear pieces and mold-able nose bridge mean these can ensure an exacting fit.
Aerospeed [$130.00 to $190.00] (with shown lenses).
More at www.julbo.com